Microphone building workshop Carlton Marshes

05 October 2019, 10:00 - 12:30 ( Add to calendar )

Carlton Marshes: Build a windproof microphone to use with your phone* for video and audio recordings.

Reducing wind noise is the key issue to getting a good sound recording outside. The mechanical force of the wind on the microphone makes a loud noise that spoils your recordings. 

The key to solving this problem is to use an external mic plugged into your phone, camera or recording device that is built into an enclosure to prevent the wind getting to the microphone in the first place. 

On this course we will build a windproof enclosure and provide a basic lavalier microphone to put in it that can be plugged into your phone. This will enable wind noise free recordings in all but the windiest situations. This microphone will be yours to keep.

Mike will also have his high end recording equipment available for hands on experience to compare the quality of each. 

*phone must have a minijack headphone jack

Carlton Marshes Wildlife Sound Recording Workshops with Mike Challis 


A Heritage Lottery Funded course.

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